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>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I love my cousin's shoutout at frenster. She posted;

"Boys have one thing in common- they are all liars"

i'm totally agree with her.

Do we look like 'cruel' for judging all mans as liar?

I think "NO!!~"

but if all of u have ur own thought and opinion, just go ahead.

Yup. Not ALL of them are liars, but mostly are LIARS.
Maybe we had learnt from our experience, and of course from our mistake for trusting them.
Even though we didn't put a 100% trust, but still, we are the fool for giving them a trust.

Anyway, just take this as a lesson.

~Be careful with a man~

Don't be blind by the nonsense feeling towards him, which we call as L.O.V.E. ~huh. nonsense!~
Cinta la sgt kan. kunun~


I HATE LIAR. seriously. sungguh~

Thanks to him for doing this to me.

Thanks to him for making me heartless.

Maybe someday I'll learn how to trust again~

*sedikit emo. salahkah? blog aku kan
? suke ati la~*
-sile la menyampah
+ ade aku kesah? +



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