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HyeHye 2010~

>> Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year 2010.
Just wish the best =)

Yeah. tahun 2010 mungkin akan berbeza seperti sebelum2 nie. sbb aku dh jadik guru tetap. no more trainee teacher or teacher to be lagi. i'm the real teacher now. so, life akan sedikit berubah. kebiasaan juga. macam2 kot. ape2 lah. tapi yg pasti, aku just harap yg terbaik dalam hidup aku. i just want to be the best. giving the best, and be the best for others that I love. Jadi insan berguna pastinya. be a better person, insyaAllah~

and i don't have any specific wish list for this New Year. Cuma akan berusaha menjadi yg terbaik. itu aje. hijrah segala2nya. wah3~

anyway, i just can't pretend one thing. um, aku tak tahu la nape rase cm tak sabar je nak tempuh 2010 nie. feel like... like.. so excited la uh. haha. whatever it is, hope that this 2010 will bring us more happiness in everything and anything. And of course, more exciting. InsyaAllah~

ByeBye 2009
let bygones be bygones.
but still,
i will remember all the memories.
it taught me a lot.
that's what we call life.
we learn, learn, and learn.

Welcome 2010.
I wish the bigger slice of happiness,
and best of luck for this Year.
Plus, it will brings joy, beautiful moments,
and surprises to cherish forever.
amin, amin, amin~

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